The company


orphix is creating sofware for almost 10 years now offering reliability, speed, low prices. Create with us web pages, eshops, mobile apps, geographical information systems (GIS), web applications and logos economically and fast.

As a small company we try to create highly competing products that will add value to our company as in yours.

We deliver modern administrative tools and we train you in oreder to administer the content of your product, in order to gain money and time every time you need a change in your product or service.




Creative, fast, robust and low cost website development of every type with an easy administrative platform.


Create your own eshop and boost your sales worldwide with low cost.

Online ordering

Get today yoy website with Online ordering for your food business.

Graphic design

We offer a wide range of graphic design services with claen and concise design in competitive prices.


Geographic information systems( GIS ) for presenting and managing your geographic information.

Android applications

Applications for devices with Android OS. Upload to Google play. Geographic information capabilities.

Why choose us;

Modern and clean design

We know how important the design of your website is so we integrate the latest design trends to your product. See our projects.

Everything with responsive design

We follow the mobile first philosophy. Statistics show that the visits to websites via mobile devices are in continuous growth. Invest and get more customers.

Unique prices

Morphix as a small company, has very low expences following models, like remote work, so our customers can experience real difference from other IT firms.

What do we offer?


Portal and GIS of Thasos Municipality